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Gear heads often turn their noses up at DSL. After all, DSL data speeds are often a fraction of those offered by cable broadband suppliers. Plus, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is delivered not over coax, but over old-fashioned copper phone lines. How...


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Inventor of DSL Tells How He Did the “Impossible"

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Send high-speed data, including video signals, over telephone wires? Impossible! That’s what everyone thought for decades, until Internet Hall of Famer Dr. John Cioffi actually did it, by designing the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) system.


Here’s a clip from a TV news program in 1981, about the possibility that news might someday come to our homes via this new development called the Internet. In that year, of course, the anchorperson could have had no idea how profound the impact of the Internet would actually be, affecting her own profession almost as much as that of the newspaper seller seen in the final shot.

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The team assembled by Frank Heart to build the ARPAnet’s Interface Message Processors.