Hall of Fame Highlights

Internet Hall of Famer Michael Roberts must be feeling a great deal of satisfaction these days. In his induction speech, he said he has an appreciation for team-building. Well, looking back on his career – not that he’s inclined to look back, but he...


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Managing Peer Relationships in Flat Organization Key to Strong Teams

Years ago, building technology project teams was usually done informally. The designated leader did a survey of the organization, followed by recruiting, and it was off to the races. (Photo from left to right: Michael Roberts, Kim Turner, Steve Corbato, and Greg Wood)


We found some pretty cool stories – and photos – concerning Internet Hall of Famers who were in the news in November. In addition to providing insightful food for thought in interviews, they themselves turned up as subjects for the media far and wide. Here are a few examples.

Internet HISTORY Timeline

Mapping inductees’ defining moments in Internet history.


The Fraunhofer audio team that helped to develop MP3 (from left): Harald Popp, Stefan Krägeloh, Hartmut Schott, Bernhard Grill, Heinz Gerhäuser, Ernst Eberlein, Karlheinz Brandenburg und Thomas Sporer (Picture: Fraunhofer IIS/Kurt Fuchs).