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African women face the same challenges confronting women everywhere: cultural attitudes that men can do “tech stuff” better, that motherhood distracts them from focusing on their work, that they are somehow not suited for careers in technology, math,...


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Threats to Internet Are Social Ones

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Internet Hall of Famer Ben Segal says that the real threats to the Internet are the social ones. The “rich and powerful,” he says, should not be allowed to control the Internet; instead, he hopes the “democratic spirit of the Internet” will be maintained.


We want to thank this year’s distinguished international panel of Advisory Board members. The Advisory Board plays a critical role in selecting the inductees for the 2014 Internet Hall of Fame.  The board is comprised of highly qualified experts from industry-related areas including computer scientists, software engineers, Internet developers, historians, executives, authors, researchers, analysts and journalists.

Internet HISTORY Timeline

Mapping inductees’ defining moments in Internet history.


The team assembled by Frank Heart to build the ARPAnet’s Interface Message Processors.