Dennis Jennings Photo

Dennis Jennings

As the first Program Director for Networking at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) from 1985-86, Dr. Dennis Jennings was responsible for the design and development of the NSFnet Program. Dr. Jennings developed a vision of an open network of networks – an Internet – designed to serve all of U.S. research and higher education. Dr. Jennings’ selection of the DARPA TCP/IP Internet protocol suite, and his insistence on its deployment across NSFnet, was a key contribution. The NSFnet Program stimulated the development of many regional research and education networks, and it connected them to campus networks, to supercomputing centers and their networks, and to the first (interim) NSFnet backbone (and later to U.S. federal agency networks, and international research and education networks). NSFnet eventually became a major part of the Internet backbone. Read Dr. Jennings' full bio here.