Internet Hall of Fame News Highlights

March 27, 2014

Just as March was bringing us a new season, it also brought new media focus on Internet Hall of Famers worldwide. Here are a few recent mentions. ...

Tim Berners-Lee (read more about the man who invented the World Wide Web) calls his invention “an act of desperation.”

Internet Hall of Famer Anne-Marie Eklund-Lowinder is one of seven people in the world who holds a key to worldwide Internet security, according to The Guardian. Read an exclusive interview she gave to the Internet Hall of Fame this month.

Internet Hall of Fame inductee Nii Quaynor says the local level is where Internet governance policies really matter. 

John Perry Barlow, firm in his beliefs (watch his Internet Hall of Fame acceptance speech), calls “corporate responsibility” an oxymoron.  

Wikipedia, the brainchild of Internet Hall of Famer Jimmy Wales, is named one of the “12 Websites that changed the world.” 




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