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Esterhuysen Shares Her Favorite Internet Initiative

July 15, 2015

When the Internet Hall of Fame asked South African inductee Anriette Esterhuysen to name one of her favorite Internet initiatives, she replied that, “as Africans we care about the Internet, and not only about getting access to it. We also care about how, and by whom, it is governed, and this is precisely where AfriSIG tries to contribute.”   The African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG), which was first held in 2013, was created to get African countries to participate in all aspects of Internet Governance -- technical, social and political.  Before this, few African countries had established sustainable open and inclusive policy discussion forums where government, civil society, businesses and technical people were able to interact effectively and collaborate to develop consistent national and institutional strategies aimed at mobilising the Internet for economic, social and political cultural development.  To date, AfriSIG has yielded 85 graduates from 20 African countries.




The impact of the Internet Goverrnance school in Africa is great. The Alumni are spreading the message everywhere; Nationally, Regional & Internationally. Come to think of it, its just in its second edition---

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