An Audience with Internet Pioneers

February 25, 2022
Internet pioneers

For computer science students at UCLA, COVID-19 has had one silver lining: the opportunity to interact with multiple Internet Hall of Fame inductees via Zoom during class.

2021 Internet Hall of Fame inductee's Lixia Zhang and George Varghese incorporated live Zoom interviews for their students with five fellow Internet Hall of Fame inductees over the course of the fall 2020 quarter.

The guests included UCLA Distinguished Professor and 2012 Internet Hall of Fame inductee Leonard Kleinrock, who developed the mathematical theory of packet-switching that underpins the Internet and directed the transmission of the first Internet message in 1969; UCLA alumnus and 2012 inductee Vint Cerf, the co-inventor of transmission control protocol/Internet protocol; 2013 inductee Bob Metcalfe, who invented ethernet technologies used in local area networks; 2014 inductee Radia Perlman, who invented the spanning tree protocol that connects Ethernet networks; and 2012 inductee Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the Internet domain name system. 

“It struck me that Zoom, while it lacks physical presence, makes it possible to interview any expert anywhere in the world in class without the expense and hassle of travel to Los Angeles,” Varghese said in an interview with the press office for UCLA’s Samueli School of Engineering