Geoff Huston

Geoff Huston played a critical role in bringing the Internet to Australia in the 1990s. While the Internet was still in its infancy in the US, he was able to complete the construction of a new and rapidly growing network within a few months.  

In 1989 Huston began work at the Australian Vice Chancellor’s Committee with the direction to build a national academic and research network. In just over one year, every Australian university and major research institution was connected to the country’s first ISP, the Australian Academic and Research Network. The project quickly expanded to support the entire national Internet sector, and within five years this network became Australia’s largest private data network.

Huston is also the author of three books focused on ISPs: Internet Performance Survival Guide; Quality of Service: Delivering QoS on the Internet and in Corporate Networks; and ISP Survival Guide. In addition, he maintains The ISP Column, a blog on all things Internet and IP at

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