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Larry Irving is the First African American Inducted Into the Internet Hall of Fame

By Leah Asmelash - September 27, 2019

Larry Irving was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame on Friday, becoming the first African American to be inducted into the group since its founding in 2012.

Danny Cohen, Who Helped Set the Stage for a Digital Era, Dies at 81

By Katie Hafner - September 9, 2019

Danny Cohen, a computer scientist whose work in the 1960s and ’70s on computer graphics and networks led to innovations in flight simulation, internet telephony, cloud computing and one of the first online dates — with him — died on Aug. 12 at his home in Palo Alto, Calif. He was 81.

"Cynics Are Often Right, But They Never Get Anything Done": Why Bob Metcalfe Is an Internet Optimist

By Wade Roush - August 10, 2019

Right alongside Moore’s Law, which describes the exponential growth in computing power since the 1960s, there’s Metcalfe’s Law, which describes what we’ve done with all that power: namely, use it to connect the world.

"Two Years Ago, I Would Have Said the Internet Is Fantastic”: What Scares Networking Pioneer Radia Perlman

By Wade Rouch - July 8, 2019

Bob Metcalfe co-invented Ethernet, the communications standard still used for most local on-site networking, but Radia Perlman made it work. Her creation of the Spanning Tree Protocol while working for Digital Equipment Corporation in 1983 made it possible to link individual Ethernet networks into a vast interconnected system—that is, the thing we now call the internet.

How to stay safe online? We asked the 'Father of the internet'

By Edward Baig - June 10, 2019

You probably feel pretty comfortable navigating the internet. You might even be among the 1 in 5 people who created a website. Or maybe you're part of the 48% with "make a website" on their to-do list. But could you correctly say what a safe URL actually looks like? If you can't, you wouldn't be alone.

Robert Metcalfe, Ethernet inventor, says breaking up big tech is not the answer

May 17, 2019

People are more connected to each other than they have ever been. For that, you can partly thank Robert Metcalfe.

The No. 1 thing the co-inventor of Ethernet learned from his mentor, Steve Jobs

By Catherine Clifford - April 8, 2019

Bob Metcalfe started working with computer networks in the 1970s and was part of Xerox’s Palo Alto, Calif. team that invented what would become Ethernet, the foundational technology used to connect computers. He’s known as “the father of Ethernet.”

To Completely Destroy Internet is Difficult, But Possible - CERN Net Developer

March 17, 2019

Sputnik has spoken to Ben Segal, the developer of the internet computer network at CERN and one of the mentors of Tim Berners-Lee to find out whether the people beind the world web and the internet regret their invention, who paid for the first intercontinental computer network, can the internet be completely turned off around the world and why black swans today determine the development of information technology.

Dr Paul Vixie: ‘We are going to have our day of reckoning with Big Data’

By Elaine Edwards - February 7, 2019

When even those who built the internet as we know it are warning of its insecurities and the deep privacy challenges it poses for society, you know things are very broken indeed.

Lawrence Roberts, Who Helped Design Internet’s Precursor, Dies at 81

By Katie Hafner - January 14, 2019

In late 1966, a 29-year-old computer scientist drew a series of abstract figures on tracing paper and a quadrille pad. Those curious drawings were the earliest topological maps of what we now know as the internet. The doodler, Lawrence G. Roberts, died on Dec. 26 at his home in Redwood City, Calif. He was 81.